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Push Turbo Nytro Clutching Setup help plz


Oct 2, 2018
Turbo Nytro MTX
SR Vper
I have a 2009 RTX, extended to 128" has Push Turbo, currently set to 210hp. 1.25 Ripsaw no studs...only change I made was gearing 2 seasons ago to a 24 tooth top gear...so here's the backstory/dilemma and why I am looking for help...

When I bought it in 2017, the first time I blew a belt was at 117 on the speedo....it hit the rev limiter, backed off for a few seconds then kicked in again and the belt exploded into a hundred little pieces...the core of the belt wound itself around the primary sheaves badly as you might imagine... Got it fixed and put it away...then the next season I was running at about 78mph and it sheared the belt meaning the top and bottom came apart....and these are Yamaha 8dn belts so I won't blame Yammy...I doubt it was the belt. Then again the next season deciding to roost a buddy behind me while going over a ride at 40 a grabbed some throttle and it sheared another belt. So that's the behavior...now I am looked for a baseline clutching setup that prevents this behavior so I can enjoy my rides... When I ride from 40-60mph on trails speeds rolling the throttle gently I don't seem to have any issues...500-1000 miles driving that way no problem.

My shop said lets start with adding vents...and I can agree but I feels like its an abrupt issue and not heat...open to facts if you have them....opinions not so much ;)

I plan on full rebuilds of clutch and primary, toss everything, so what do I buy? I ride in MN so 1500ish elevation, trail, lake sprints type riding...hit me with all the facts and why the clutch setup you suggest is the way to go (miles, experience, etc). Ideally its nice if the parts are still available or you know the newer compatible version of the part ;)

Thanks to any and all the can help me get outta this bind.

What are you using for clutching now? Sounds like you have some cord in your clutches or something is up. Stm 60y weights with maybe 10 grams in the heel to start. Epi purple spring at 0-1 in the secondary. Primary spring get a dalton or a stiffer starting rate oem. Ulmer K helix works well. .