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Rear Skid Lowering/Raising


TY 4 Stroke Junkie
Oct 27, 2004
N53.486 W59.860
2006 VKPro. The rear looks squat in stock form. Are there additional holes in the drop brackets to drop the skid/raise the rear somewhat? I know the ski pressure is light on these and I am familiar with the ability to shorten the limiter strap to also assist, but my question is specifically to do with the rear drop brackets. Sled is not in front of me.

To answer my own question, the rear drop brackets have two holes in them. Stock has the rear arm mounted in the upper hole, which makes the rear of the sled low. You can move the rear arm to the lower hole to increase the height of the rear, but it will increase front end pressure/weight bias. Generally not recommended.