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Relay Help


Nov 30, 2015
Sheboygan , Wisconsin
2009 Yamaha Nytro RTX, pretty much bone stock
i know this has been gone over a few times but I got the red ssr last night can anyone take a pic of where it is in the sled idk can’t seem to locate with the diagram but I might just be a dumbass. Also don’t know if this is truely the root of my problem but most cold mornings the fuel pump cycles but it just clicks when you turn the key appreciate the help!

Ok so I realized I bought the wrong thing but I’m still looking for help I have an 09 nytro rtx and like I said in OP it has issues starting in cold weather it just clicks, is it the green starter relay that’s the issue or?
Starter relay the terminals are susceptible to corrosion in turn losing contact
Thank you for pointing that out the battery has been on the trickle charger and no go is there anything I can do or just replace it? Also how much do they run? Just curious what I’m looking at for cost
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Just went to Sheboygan Yamaha, first off would never recommend these guys to anyone but the maintenance guy was a dick he told me he doesn’t have time to answer questions and just to bring it in but they charge 51 for the solenoid but he was pretty adamant that my problem was the battery even tho I’ve had it on a trickle charger idk what to do
How old is the battery? Have the battery tested. If its real old just replace the battery. Just peace of mind, getting stranded with dead battery sucks. Have you changed the fuel pump relay to the new red one?
No I bought one and then took it back because I thought it doesn’t work with the 09 nytro and the maintenance guy said if it is circulating when you turn the Key which it is that it wasn’t the problem
And I think it might be the original battery so I’ll look into getting a new one
Well i think your starting issue is either the starter relay or battery, Have you tried jumping the terminals on starter relay to bypass it? That will tell you if it's pooched
I also pulled the battery out it’s the originial stamped dec 08 7300 miles ain’t to bad
I just replaced mine as I've cleaned the corrosion of the contacts multiple times and my sled wouldn't start. Shorted out the contacts and it fired up, installed new relay and still wouldn't start. Turns out it was a loose connection in the plug that the key is wired to, jiggled them wires and finally it started. Loose connection still gave me power to everything including fuel pump but somehow messed up for the starter relay.