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ROCZTOYZ, YAMAHEATER, & TRAIL JAMZ @ Milwaukee Snowmobile USA Snowshow in WI this weekend!

Discussion in 'TY News/Site Help' started by Rockmeister, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. Rockmeister

    Rockmeister Advertiser Advertiser VIP Member

    NE Indiana
    2007 Attak - LOVE my sled!!!
    ROCZTOYZ.com will be at Milwaukee Snowshow in WI this weekend!
    Fri, Sat, & Sun.

    We will have YamaHeaters, ThumbBoosters, Heated Cases, TRAIL JAMZ In-Helmet Stereo Systems,
    SMART SUPPLIES, ROCZTOYZ P&P HID Lighting kits, BOOMERS In-Helmet Speakers and about everything else in-stock!

    Check out the RAD LITES, allows you to easily warn on-coming riders of others in your group while safely keeping your hands on your bars!
    We have deliberately kept the cost down at $45 at the shows to make them easily affordable!

    ALL our kits are Plug & Play, NO modifications or wiring required.
    Fast & Easy!

    The Current Show schedule looks like this:

    Hay Days - MN

    Fri-Sun Sept 28-30 - Syracuse - NY
    Big East Snowshow at the ON Center Booth# 409

    Milwaukee - Oct 12-14 - WI Wisconsin State Fair Park Expo Center Booth# 317

    Novi - Nov 2-3 - MI Suburban Collection Showplace WE MOVED to Booth# 152
    Come see us, will have ICEBLUE, one of the Rockettes there also! :flag:

    Ask us about the new stuff coming out! : )
    Always great to see fellow TYers!!!

    Rock :-o

    PS Kids 12 & Under get in FREE at the Shows.
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