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shortening front shocks 2014 apex xtx

Discussion in 'Suspension - Stock' started by blown apex, Jan 26, 2018.

  1. blown apex

    blown apex VIP Member VIP Member

    2014 apex xtx
    i did the star suspension in the rear with revalving (everything in the rear he recomends)
    i then installed 1200 torsion springs with roberts skidoo front skid shock spring
    i used his billet torsion spring adjusters set on #2 with the 1200 springs
    on 7 out on rear shock i feel this is perfect for my weight
    in corners it always feels like it wants to lean out on corners
    thats with the front springs loosened a little as per agressive snow trackers

    now if i sent front shocks to robert and have him shorten them im thinking i can leave the spring
    preload tighter and it wont feel like its leaning into that outside shock cornering

    i dont know if ill ever get it to turn like my 2006 apex gt 121
    the 13 mm sway bar i didnt like in the 121 but 12mm i did

    any info on what to do in the front to stop the leaning feeling i appreciate
  3. sledheadgeorge

    sledheadgeorge TY 4 Stroke God

    Which one? I have 6
    On my XTX, I installed front skid shock from a RX chassis. It's about 1/2 inch shorter. Ran aggressive ST with mountain skies and sled railed like an SRX short track. Course it lowered the whole sled so the lower CG made a huge difference. If you can't find a used one you can get one for about 100.00 here in Canada new, from Royal distributing.

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