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Single Shot Rear Coil over price change from Hygear

Discussion in 'RS General Talk' started by CaptCaper, Nov 27, 2018.

  1. CaptCaper

    CaptCaper VIP Member VIP Member

    Northern N.H.
    2016 RS Vector XTX 1.25 Lug wifes..2013 RS Vector LTX.. 2003 600 VMax Past Machines 3-2007 Attaks 1-2010 Vector LTX.. sorry no Stinkdoos or poo's cats.
    Price change from Hygear on Single shot suspension. Sent to me via email.

    Thanks for contacting us. Updated information for the Rev2 single shot kits should be posted on line within the next week. Updates were made from the Gen 1 kit (revised calibration) and increased production volume helped lower the cost to extend saving to the customers. The rear kit PN#50-03-030-A is now priced at $849.99. It includes Mount kit PN#73-35-036-A $74.99 and Coupler Kit PN#73-35-033-A $44.99. The wheel holder kit PN#73-35-032-A, $89.99 is now sold separately as it is only required for the 129” applications.

    All parts are in stock. Let us know if you would like to get an order started. You can simply respond to this email with your contact information, Application and riders weight and we can send you confirmation.

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