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Site Update coming week of 6/21/21

Discussion in 'TY News/Site Help' started by MrSled, Jun 10, 2021 at 12:59 PM.

  1. MrSled

    MrSled Administrator Staff Member Admin Moderator VIP Member

    Schofield, WI
    2020 Sidewinder SRX
    We will be updating this site to the latest version of the software due to server updates. It will have some major function changes. Over all pretty easy to get use to. We have updated Totallyamaha.net to the new version. If you would like to log in and test over on that site that would give you an idea of how it will functions. It will look and feel more like this site but have those capabilities and refinements. If you dont have an account on that side go ahead and register and check it out. Let me know your thoughts and or concerns.

    Thank you
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  3. VX1R

    VX1R Lifetime Member Lifetime VIP Member VIP Member

    Inver Grove Heights, MN
    Current Riders:
    2021 SW SRX
    2018 SW LTX-LE
    Vintage Riders:
    1980 Enticer 300 Twin
    1986 Inviter
    1996 Phazer Mt. Lite Mod
    1998 Phazer Mt. Lite
    I know...These are rookie numbers, I need more sleds!
    I just checked out the new look.....Nice job Tom!

    Everything worked for me and looks good.

    Thanks for your hard work keeping these sites up and running.

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