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Slider removal video using Reverse

Discussion in 'Suspension - Stock' started by towerrigger, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. towerrigger

    towerrigger TY 4 Stroke Junkie

    I took this video for the guys having a hard time picturing this. Reverse slider removal on a 2007 Phazer mountain lite. Not a great video but it gets the idea across. This will work on any sled with reverse, loosen track, remove screws at front of slider, push enough of the slider out the back through a window and tap the throttle, and I mean tap it. If you pin the throttle these things will shoot out the front of the sled like a missle. Do one side at a time. :-o
  3. Dara

    Dara Expert

    I was in a Cat shop last year and they were having trouble getting my girlfriends slides off. I told the mechanic to just put the sled in reverse. both him and my friend that was there looked at me like i was crazy.
    After a bit more screwing around and the mechanic slicing his hand open cause the vise grips slipped i pushed them out of the way and started the sled. Tapped the throttle and the slider was off. The look I got from them 2 was priceless. :-o

    And Yes, I learned it here
  4. kinger

    kinger VIP Member VIP Member

    Clear Lake, IA
    Awesome story Dara! LOL
  5. JohnnyHollywood

    JohnnyHollywood Extreme

    St. Johns, MI
    Video link is dead
  6. yamahabandit

    yamahabandit Expert

    Ste. Anne Manitoba, Canada
    sending in from manitoba canada. have 08 nytro could write a book about issues I' ve had. I ' m a newbie to this forum. Will be back .Just checking in for now

    SIKEWARD Expert

    Rockford, IL
  8. 99669apex

    99669apex Extreme

    Southern tip of Indiana
    I don't want to offend anyone here, but this is the most Redneck tip I have seen on this site yet! What's next, Red Green moderating the Tech How-To page! Maybe we could get Larry the Cable Guy to write some clothing reviews on the new Team Yamaha Sleeveless Racing jackets as well.

    That’s all I have to say about that. I need to go out to the garage now and apply my new duct tape hood wrap! :rofl:

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