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Stator Resistance check 2003 Rx-1 Mountain

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by nutter3, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. nutter3

    nutter3 Newbie

    Hello all. I'm new here, just found this forum. Thanks to all for the great info found on here.
    Last couple years started having dead batteries. (OK so havent rode it very much lately). Had battery load tested. It is fine and I use the optimate battery charger.
    Last year I took it to dealer. For $150 they told me everything is fine, but I should be using a Yamaha battery instead of the Odyssey I have. BS.

    Same problem this year. Dead battery after a day of riding. Tested the voltage.
    Engine off 12.8V
    Running @ idle 12.4V
    5000 rpm 12.9V
    So my charging system is not working.

    Stator test.
    W-W 0.5 Ohm on all three white wires.
    W - Ground 2.9Ohm on all three white wires
    AC voltage W-W (checked on all 3 white wires)
    30 Vac @ idle
    50 VAC @ 3000 rpm
    75 VAC @ 4000 rpm

    So I'm a little confused now. I know the stator resistance should be .19-.24 Ohm W-W. My reading is a little higher. What does that mean? Is it a bad stator or should I try changing the rectifier/regulator first since it is so much easier?
    Hope someone here can help who has tested a bunch of these things.
  3. nutter3

    nutter3 Newbie

    I got a new rectifier/regulator and it did not fix my problem. So I dug into the stator assembly. I was glad I had read on here that it is not necessary to pull the engine to get the rotor cover off. Anyway I got the stator out and it has a burned lug on it, so I guess that is my problem. I have ordered a new one and hope that will be the end of the problems.
    In hindsight I should have gone straight to the stator assembly after having the stator resistance test read high. But I was hoping since it was putting out the correct voltage that it was OK. Any expert opinions out there?


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  4. Nielv

    Nielv Veteran

    2004 RX1
    Can you share the tricks on removing stator please. One sled is a 2009 nytro mtx the other is an 04 rx1. Thank you very much!!!
  5. aVenture

    aVenture Expert

    Old thread revived...ehh..
    The OP claim a 2.9 ohm from White to ground. This is bad, unless a measurement error. What this test is all about, is to make sure that one of the 3 field is not ground. First thing to be done is to disconnect the plug that goes to the rectifier/regulator module. Other than that, you measure the input impedance of that module. Should the OP had done the measurement with the rectifier disconnected then for sure the stator is bad. (ground)

    Also, measuring a under ohm item with 50 buck class of meter to find the second decimal is dreaming at best, and be lucky if the first one is close. It only good to test if the field is open circuit or possibly good. ( under a ohm )

    To test these properly, a low ohm range with higher current is necessary, along with good quality leads.
    My Fluke 83, a $450 + meter, barely does the first decimal.

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