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Stock 21/41 gear and chain set to sell?


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Have a Cat buddy looking to gear up his Cat that only has 24/50 in it now.

He's looking for a stock set of Winder takeoff 21/41 gears and chain kicking around. PM me please if you have something to swap for his 24/50 or want to sell your set. Thanks!

Mike if you don't find what you're looking for I have a 45 tooth bottom sprocket (Venom Products) that would work with a 90 link chain, have converted a couple of Thundercats that way.
Tcat is a 96p chain, can you run a 44/46 tooth lower with it? Probably would load the turbo like no other.
Tcat is a 92 pitch chain, no you need a 90 pitch chain on the smaller bottom gear.
Is 50 the smallest I can go? I don't have charts in front of me.
24/50 shows as 92 pitch chain.
The only other 92 pitch ratio in Cat manual is 23/51.
Yamaha shows a 49tooth lower gear on the alterate parts! I always wonder if it would make much difference? I'm assuming it uses the 92 pitch chain still? I'm running 24/50 now and love it
Keep in mind you don’t want a huge dog leg
IMO you won't notice any difference, and you'll have a steeper dog-leg.
24/50 = 2.08 ratio
24/49 = 2.04 ratio
24/49 would be a substantial dog leg
24/49 you would have to use a 92 pitch chain as a 90 would not not fit, but the 92 would probably max out your tensioner.
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