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Discussion in 'SR Viper Talk' started by sabrecat, Jun 10, 2021 at 10:15 PM.

  1. sabrecat

    sabrecat Vendor Vendor VIP Member

    Once again we find it hot outside.

    JT Products has the best wheel kits out thr. We sell the most by far!!

    Our Stealth kits 2012 - 2018 all have the heavy duty wheels, extra large bearings, lager diameter axles and now come with the billet track adjusters Stock cast ones are prone to breaking and causing extra problems $$. 2019 and newer do not use them. Regular price $270 on the 137 and longer models New sale price that is already adjusted on the site is $240.00. We will run out sale till end of summer or till we run out of parts. That happens more then I would like now days.

    On our newer Super duty kit 2019-current comes with 4 heavy duty wheels with larger bearings and 5 aluminum spacer bushing. There has been many problems with the adjuster bolt aluminum bracket that hold the locknut breaking off causing the track to get way loose. Our aluminum spacer bushing has the pocket to hold the end of adjuster bolt from being able to move. The stock plastic spacer let the end of adjuster bolt right where it pushing on axle move and the bolt can try to get under axle causing a bind breaking off the mount. The stock 3 whee models we will reuse the axle since is a nice heavy duty piece and will save you money!! Regular price $250. Sale price$220.00. Call on theses model to order please 8105450066



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