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Track speed on stand


Mar 3, 2013
Timmins, Ontario
2013 Nytro xtx 1.75
I’m helping my buddy out with a couple of clutching issues, and I want to make sure that some of the same rules apply as compared to my Nytro. My biggest question to throw out there is what kind of track speed are you guys getting with the track up in the air? With my Nytro, when the belt is set properly, the track just inches ahead at idle. However, on this Viper, when the stock belt is set to 1-1.5mm above the secondary, the belt is quite tight and has no deflection and the track runs over 10km/h at idle.
I have seen that the Viper track rotates way easier than my Nytro, but this seems way excessive.
Clutches measure within spec, and I have tried a few different belts.
In order to set the deflection so the track just crawls ahead like I’m used to, the belt needs to sit about 2 - 2.5 mm below the secondary. It would definitely help to hear what you guys are seeing with your sleds.

Belt width can vary considerably. I always set the deflection until it just creeps at idle on the stand. I don't care or worry if the belt is above or below and by how much. If you leave it set to 10km at idle, it will either walk away when off the stand, or at least squeal the belt.
Ya, I would not run it with the high speed idle, lol. Just listing the symptoms that I have found. Good to know how other Vipers act.