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Viper not happy after sitting for a long time - codes galore!


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Jan 19, 2011
Chisago City, MN
14 Viper LTX, 10 Turbo Phazer MTX, 08 Phazer, 88 SnoScoot
Hey all,

Two seasons ago I snapped my collarbone and was awarded a titanium plate and seven screws as my prize for doing so. Last season was a horrible snow year, combined with everything being shut down due to COVID and my shoulder still not being 100% , I didn't ride at all. The sled has been sitting in my climate controlled garage for two years, completely untouched. I haven't been around here either in that time, despite normally being a regular during the season.

This season, even though its a crap snow year again, I said screw it and was going to go for a ride with the group. I tossed the booster pack on the sled and she fired right up. After idling until it was completely warmed up, I started seeing codes.

P0562 - Low voltage
P0201, P0202, P0203 - All three injectors
P0508 - Bad idle

No biggie I figured, old gas and a low battery, so I took it for a short rip around home, and then even more new codes popped up. It started idling extremely high, and then over heating.

P0130 - Bad 02
P0031 - 02 Voltage

Looking at everything, it would seem that the injectors are a little gummed up (even tho it had stabl in the tank) and the low voltage combined with that, is throwing all the sensors off. The high idle was causing it to over heat while I was letting it sit to charge up. Right now I have 'er on the trickle charger, and plan to put some seafoam in the tank and go ripping around the lake across the street tomorrow after she is fully charged up overnight on the smart-charger to see what happens.

I was just wondering how much I've missed as far as what common problems people are seeing with these machines in the almost 3 years I have been away, especially related to sitting unused for long periods, or if anyone has any thoughts other than my hypothesis of it needing a good charge and fresh fuel with some seafoam?

Yeah, thats prolly what I will end up doing. I've had good luck with trickle charging bringing batteries back from the dead in the past, so I am starting there.
Having a battery that's not up to snuff can cause unnecessary load on the stator, not to mention other strange electrical problems on these newer machines.
I agree you need a new battery. Personally I'm not a fan of boost packs unless it's an emergency. Sensitive electronics are not a fan of extreme high or low voltage.