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Warn 424 Disconnect on my 2000 big bear

Jun 25, 2013
has anyone ever ran the warn 424 on a big bear? I have a 2000 big bear 4wd and it is a great mashine other than I few things and the 4x4 all time is one of them things. i'm not after if it is worth the money from the people who have not bought one but from the people who has. I picked up my wheeler for 900 dollars did some work and now it runs great but I would love the option of two wheel drive for pavment riding and mud slinging. im looking around for a warn 424 disconnect if anyone has any ideas where I can find one please let me know. text or call 1-309-258-9035 or email me at smorgan@elhisco.com im willing to buy new used or worn out. as long as the shafts are still in tact.

I had one on a Honda Rubicon and I loved it. I sold the Rubicon to my father when I got my Grizzly and it still works good. Its fun to powerslide with and it seems to steer easier in 2wd to.
I do know on a Yamaha, it was worth double the price of the stock shaft. last place I saw them listed was on warn site. you might want to try e-bay or a few of the bike wreckers.