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Wheel replacement on upper axle for mono 136

Discussion in 'Suspension - Stock' started by amazza76, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. amazza76

    amazza76 Newbie

    I have my suspension pulled and need to replace a wheel on the axle that bolts directly to the tunnel. There are no c clips and I tried to pound the wheel off with a lead shot hammer but the wheel broke and left the bearing behind. How do I remove the old bearing and get the new wheel on?
  3. gitrdun

    gitrdun Lifetime Member Lifetime VIP Member VIP Member Donating Member

    north of superior
    07 Attak
    If we are talking about that simple shaft that connects the two wheels, you can take the other wheel off and find a 6"long piece of pipe a hair larger and use it similar to a slide hammer. Penetrating oil first wouldn't hurt. Normally it should slide off easy, so could just be crud from on there to long, inner bearing distortion, or someone used too many man/pounds torque to tighten that bolt. You'll get a better idea when you go to put the new one on.

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