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Discussion in 'Yamaha Hot Topics' started by MrSled, Dec 1, 2015.

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    Schofield, WI
    2020 Sidewinder SRX
    Genesis Triple Gets Revisions to Accommodate New Suppliers and Better Commonality Among Different Applications.

    November 26, 2015 (Toronto, ON) – Yamaha Motor Canada announced today a running change to the Genesis three cylinder 1050cc, 4-stroke engine used in the majority of 2016 model SR Vipers, RS Vectors, RS Ventures and VK Professional II snowmobiles. The engine has received many changes to different parts which have been sourced from new suppliers. It is important to understand the following background points;

    · The output of the engine has not changed. The engine maintains the same level of power and response as the previous version.

    · The quality and durability of the engine has not changed. The engine meets the same level of quality assurance as the previous version.

    · Fuel consumption and emissions have not changed.

    NOTE: In the case of the RS Vector and RS Venture, the addition of YCC-T electronic throttle control and new CVT calibration have contributed to an overall improvement in power delivery and fuel consumption based on the selected operating mode and operation of the vehicle.

    Several parts were re-designed for ‘commonality’ to allow the engine to be used in more than one application. Versions of this engine are now being used in various snowmobile, side by side and marine applications. It is important to note that many replacement parts will not supersede from the original design.

    The changes to the engine have no impact on the overall performance of the snowmobile and there are no practical benefits to the end user.

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