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Yamaha Snowmobile Race Team to be supported by Elka Suspension

Discussion in 'Yamaha Hot Topics' started by MrSled, Oct 3, 2014.

  1. MrSled

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    Schofield, WI
    2020 Sidewinder SRX
    Pleasant Prairie, WI—The Yamaha Snowmobile Race Team is excited to announce a new shock absorber sponsor, Elka Suspension, Inc. The team will be using Elka’s ultra-lightweight Stage 5 coilover shocks on both the cross country and hillclimb circuits. “What we are most impressed with is the Elka team’s level of commitment in helping our racers get on the podium,” said Yamaha Snowmobile Product Manager, Rob Powers.

    “Our goal in working with the Yamaha Snowmobile Race Team is to push our Stage 5 platform development even further in the snowmobile market. The Stage 5 is a proven winning product in other sports,” said Elka’s President Martin Lamoureux, himself an offroad racing champion. “We know it will be a winner in snowmobiling as well.”

    Patrick Tellier, Elka’s Marketing director, added, “We will be continuously developing and improving our products with the Yamaha Snowmobile Race Team, then offering those products to the general public so they can have access to the same high-performance suspension as the factory riders.”

    Both race team crew chiefs, Brian Strawsell and Troy Johnson, recently paid a visit to Elka’s facility outside of Montreal to meet with the engineering team and begin building shocks. You can catch a glimpse of that trip in the first episode of The Yamaha Racing Show on youtube.com/user/YamahaSnowmobilesUSA

    For more information about Elka Suspension, Inc, visit elkasuspension.com. Keep up with the latest Yamaha Snowmobile Race Team information on facebook.com/YamahaSnowmobilesUSA.


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