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YAMAHEATER Nice Warm Hands for 03 - Current Yamaha 4 Strokes


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Feb 7, 2007
NE Indiana
2007 Attak - LOVE my sled!!!
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This is a thread specifically about the Warm Hands Controller.
As gormleyflyer2002 dubbed it, the "YamaHeater".
Thanks dude! ;)!

This thread is to fill people in on what The Warm Hands Controller does, availability, and tech support.
(It is NOT a debate and/or complaint thread or the like.)

Some background:
As many of you may already know, I have been working on a simple, yet elegant real world working solution to the cold "warmers" on our sleds. :brrr:
(I use the term "warmers" loosely in this case, lol.)
A kit giving you warm hands, that most people can install pretty easily, without major knowledge, skills, and/or work required.

Have been working on it for about a year now.

Everything finally came together a few months ago and have been building and testing units since, first on the bench and when finally able, out on the trail.

When I started getting really busy with it, had to drop my sled build project for a while to concentrate on this project.
(Hopefully not toooo long yet!)

Have had great success with the operation of it and many hurdles to clear in the production of it.

Some background on tolerances:
You imagine your sled being the same as the next guys of the same model, in fact that's why alot of us do many mods to our sleds, to make them "ours".
In real life they are very different.
All the parts are spec'd within tolerances, so that the entire assembly will "fit" together in production.
So your sled really ISN'T identical to your Buddy's, it is totally different from an engineering standpoint.

It is NO different with the electrics, they are simply with-in a "spec" and therefore work reasonably well together.
If all the tolerances add up in the wrong direction and the specs are not tight enough, any assembly simply won't fit together, or in the case of electrics, it either won't work, or it will burn something up.

Operating Environment:
Alot of the parts I use are Mil-Spec due to the fact that our sleds operate in a nightmare environment.
(From an engineering viewpoint , it's a nightmare, personally I LOVE snow!)
The temps can be -20 or -30 or more.
You want your warmers to work then, don't ya?
The parts MUST work at these temps for your warmers to work also.
Next thing you know, the engine is hot from running and the parts are now 100+ degrees F!
That's quite a temp range, especially with-in a short time period. (Thermal shock anyone?)

Humidity is another big factor.
Under your hood the humidity skyrockets every time you ride.
Then plummets after it cools.
Not to mention when you take it in and out of a heated garage.
Whatever is used must survive the environment, or the unit won't survive.

Can't remember who said it, but the saying is basically "Anyone can make something work once, but making it work in the real world and do it over and over, THAT is an artist!"

This is where good circuit design, packaging, and proper specifications come in. (Among many other things.)
This helps to insure that the "solution" doesn't become next weeks headache!

That's the problem with alot of the "solutions" I have seen, they need to be foolproof, and work with-in the existing tolerances, and many simply don't fulfill this requirement.

(Electrical things run on "Magic Smoke"...
Have you seen most anything electrical work, after you let the magic smoke out? lol)
You don't want to let any of the "Magic Smoke" out of your sled! :o|

So my objective with this has been:

Make a working solution that WARMS YOUR HANDS!
Work with the existing grip warmers.
Use the existing factory controls.
Easy to wire. (Low skill level needed to install.)
Foolproof in operation. (Cant screw up it, or your sled, no matter what button you push! lol)
Easy to use.
Relatively low cost. (Unfortunately, good parts are rarely cheap parts.)
Provide feedback to the user. (Lets you know what the heck it is doing!)
Continue to work and survive in the environment of use.
Plain and simple, WORK WHEN YOU NEED IT, and continue to do so over the life of your sled.

As time goes on I will be refining the unit itself, directions, support, etc.

You will like the solution! ;)!

At this point. I must sleeeeeep. Zzzzzzzzz

RacerDave, PM'ed you back.

COLDONE Yes, it works on all the 4-strokes.
They all use PWM to the bars and cut it way back.
Some more, some less.

Some are easier to get to the wires than others, other than that, the ECU functions are the same with the possible exception for Pulse Width programming
Working on getting the wire lengths down to an exact science right now.
Am wiring a Phazer and a Nytro this weekend, will get pics and exact lengths, etc and post/change lengths accordingly.
Some additional info and HOW TO GET ONE!

I too got real tired of cold hands and mine isn't even as bad as the Nytros, Apexs, Phazers, Ventures, etc!

The controller is controlled by your existing handlebar warmer controls, and will give NO error codes!
No fumbling around for switches etc.

Your warmers will put out over 300% or more power at idle than the current ECU does.
(Most are more like 1000%, depends on the existing ECU programming.)
The colder your bars are now, the more difference the controller makes!

Basically everytime you apply your brakes or let off the throttle, your sleds ECU currently cuts the warmers down to 10 - 30% power.
(Depending how the ECU is programmed. Most are cut down to about 10%.)

The Warm Hands Controller sends straight 12volts at full power to the warmers when YOU tell it to.
Makes the bars nice and WARM! ;)!
Display LED shows at a glance what mode the Controller is in.
Whether it is factory ECU (weak), FULL HEAT, or OFF.
No need to take your eyes off the trail.

Simple 3 wire hook-up + power & ground.

Wastes no power.
It automatically shuts off when your sled does, and draws ZERO power when sled is off.
No risk of running your battery down.
Draws less than 1/2 a watt while operating.
No "Dummy" loads to waste power from your magneto.
No ECU error codes just Nice Warm Hands.

The cost for the kit is $135 +S&H ($10 US) (+$20 Canada)(+$25 Western Europe)
To add Plug & Play Quick Connect Wire Harness with factory connectors, add $40. (This makes it VERY fast & EASY to install!)

All units are shipped USPS Priority Mail (2-3 days US), unless otherwise selected.
Add $10 to shipping for Express Mail to your home (1-2days US), note that you want Express Mail in the Paypal notes.

$10 discount for TY VIP members.
The idea here is to get them in your hands, give you warm hands, and then people know how they work etc.

(TY VIP Membership is only $15, so it is effectively $5 to be a VIP member here, pretty good deal! Membership has its benefits!)

To use a Credit Card without a Paypal account, go here>>>: www.yamaheater.com

Use Paypal, hotrock1 at comcast dot net
NOTE: It is NOT .com !!! Use dot NET Also note the Numeral 1 after hotrock Tnx ;)!
(Put it all together, keeps the internet spiders at bay!)

You can use a credit card or echeck also on Paypal.
(Keep in mind echecks can take 5 or more days to clear.)

You Must include in the Paypal notes:
How you found out about The Warm Hands Controller.
Your TY username. (Don't have to be a member.)
Your Sled Model.
How you derived the total.
Phone number.
Your email address. (Paypal generally includes this.)

If you do not include this info, I cannot help you track your order, and it may delay getting it to you.

Ships the same day ordered (or next morning). ;)!
(Depends on what time of day you order.)
TY VIP members get priority if they come in at the same time.

You will get a shipping notice and the tracking number in your email when I print your label.
(IF you ship to your Paypal address, highly recommended!)

Dealer Inquiries Invited

You will like this!

Rock :-o
UPDATE: Week of 1-12-09 Have a TON of parts, assembling as fast as we can! :Rockon:

I have used about all the parts I had on-hand so far, and have cleaned out all the suppliers that are left in my area! lol
(Unfortunately, with the manufacturing base leaving, the suppliers have disappeared with it. Makes R&D REALLY tough!)

Right now, have double sourced & re-ordered all supplies needed.
(From suppliers with demonstrated stock.)
(That way, if one doesn't get the stuff to me right away, the other usually will.)
The hardest to get parts have been ordered from at least 4 sources.
(Shipping costs suck when you do this.) :die

This is to ensure I have a BIG pile of parts when I return from Muni, and can get units completed and tested immediately for you guys!
Warm Hands won't do us any good in June, so am working hard to get them completed ASAP! ;)!

PS I did get some parts in today! ;)!

Every unit is bench tested at least twice and tested on my sled at least once after final assembly.
(Haven't had time to build up a load/test box yet!)
So my poor sled has been started hundreds of times between R&D and testing production units!
Thinking of this as a Yamaha starter durability test... lol
rockmeister -- Paypal sent. Looking forward to trying this on my wifes sled.
jlemieu1 said:
rockmeister -- Paypal sent. Looking forward to trying thsi on my wifes sled.

Great! ;)!
Will get it out to you ASAP.
Please send me feedback when you get it.
General feel, how you like it, how easy the directions are(or aren''t lol) etc.
Any feedback you can give would be greatly appreciated! :rocks:
kinger said:
Rock did you get mine sent out? I will test it out for sure at the end of the month for our trip to the UP. Can't wait!

You are on my list for today, if anything changes, will let ya know.
(Hahhaha You are on my "list"! Laffin) ;):D

Think Im going to send out the one for MY sled and use one of the old test units in Muni on mine! LaLaLa

FLYBYU said:
were you still adding that wire for us

Hey Fly!
Yes, just hadn't had a chance to get to letting everyone know about it yet.
There is a lot I haven't had time to tell everyone about...
All good stuff though... :Rockon:

Ok, there are extra wires coming out of the Warm Hands Controller that do NOT connect to anything AT THIS TIME.

This is soooo cool... :-o

One of the wires is for a direct connect to the Remote Start being designed and produced by SNOWDOG & FLYBYU.

When their remote is released to you guys, The Warm Hands Controller AND the Remote Start work together!
Even the color codes match. ;)!

When you remote start your sled, the remote will tell the Controller that the remote is active, and then the Controller will automatically set your handwarmers to full blast!

Your Controller is REMOTE READY!

Again, grips are on ONLY when your sled is running. (No chance of running the battery down.)

That way, your grips are nice and toasty when you get on your sled!

How's that for cool? :bling

TY guys are gonna be the best set-up guys on the snow! lol :-o
I'll install mine this weekend and give her a try.

Thanks again for putting the time in to make our sleds better.