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try searching for tight valves in the Nytro and Viper forums. The valves in these motors like to get tight way before the 25k mile check Yamaha suggests. When they do, they create the symptoms you describe. There should be many posts on this that will help you determine if this is your problem and then how to fix it if it is the problem.
I've read several posts and seems you have much experience with nos, that being said i have an old apex i want to add it to for racing buddies on the lake. Any help or suggestions would be helpful thanks
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this would get a better response as a private message to him directly.
Help with my 2014 Viper

I feel like my front skis aren’t sticking on the viper compared to my buddy’s Skidoo. Any reasons for this? Also I think I need to replace my exhaust, starting to get loud and rattling. Any recommendations on what to replace it with that will fit and I won’t have to have anything adjusted for it to work?

Hello. Quick question for you about the header blanket. I just picked up the header from Hurricane and was wondering did you buy the header blanket or cut it yourself to fit?

How do you like the performance of the header?

Hello Craig, any idea when the reinforment plate will be available. Trying to do my spring maintenance prior storing my sleed.


Hello Sir. Wondering if you have the tunnel plates for sale yet and if so, how much?
This is about the tunnel / front heat exchanger area reinforcement. I'm going to tear down my 2017 this summer and think it would be wise to add something here.
Any advice on taking the reverse gearbox out? There’s been some discussion but nothing concrete. 2007 venture lite. Have the seat, tank, chain case, coolant and servo off. Do I pull the secondary clutch and slide it out the chain case side? Thanks. New to the forum.
hey mooseman, I have a 2007 venture lite and had all of the notorious gearbox problems. I was wondering if A: you can offer advice on the easiest way to pull the shaft, and B: best place to source used parts. Thanks so much for the great posts. I noticed you're in Greely, I'm up in Calabogie. Is there an email/number I can reach you at thats's easier? I understand if youre not comfortable with that. thanks a million
Have an apex that won't start, replaced the starter motor, all the relays and fuses, fuel pump, just backfires then pops in the airbox
post a thread in here for better response than a profile post.

Need some info help on apex se has 5000 miles, replaced starter motor, solenoid, all the fuses and relays, just won't start, backfires then pops in the airbox