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Chisago City, MN
14 Viper LTX, 10 Turbo Phazer MTX, 08 Phazer, 88 SnoScoot
Internet Applications Developer


'14 Viper LTX SE: 1 of 2 in Black-n-Blue, Curve skis, Yamaha Sport Front Bumper, Yamaha Skid/Float Plate, Rock HIDs, MBRP Trail Can, BOP Japan Throttle w/Booster, OFT Steering Block, Thunder Belt Adjuster, Gates C12 GB-40C4340 Belt, Thunder Big Venom Clutch Kit, JT Stealth 4 Wheel Kit, Dupont Hyfax, 1.6 Ice Cobra, 90/250# Dual Rate Center Spring, Softer Cat Torsion Springs, Rear Shocks Revalved by B-Line

'10 Phazer MTX Turbo: Boondockers Turbo, Curve Skis, Fly CF Handlebar, RSI Riser, OFT Steering Block, Summit 1000 Tunnel Cooler, Cut-down mountain style seat & rail, Powdercoated Tunnel, MountainTech Boards, GYTR Rear Bumper, ARP Headstuds, 550cc injectors, PVC-VTI w/AutoTune & POD300 Display, Four Stroke Solutions ROV, 151" stretch/setback, Camoplast Challenger 2", Wahl Anti-Stab, 2 wheel axle, Dupont hyfax.

06 Apex: Curves,Floats,Oilites,Extros,ZX2,IceRipper,Excel Headers, Hauck-Mod Exhaust,HIDs,4" riser
07 Phazer: 136" Freeride,OFT extensions,HIDs,UP Bushman Spindle & Steering Kit,Oilites,relocated display,Powermadd guards
08 Phazer: Curves,Axis Front Shocks,Schmidt Bros Sway Bar,Timing Advance,PC5 w/AutoTune,Frogskin Airbox,Fly CF Handlebar,IQ Skid,Walker Evans Rears,Rossi Exhaust
88 Snow-Scoot



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