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Feb 2023 TY Giveaway ride.. please read!! Added sponsor items.

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There are only 17 room available so if you are going to book you should do it now. In 1 week all the rooms that are being held will be released to others snowmobilers.

Also please get your VIPs renewed BEFORE the ride to help us with registrations. Please register with us Friday eve between 7pm and 9pm.

Donations coming in, Blown Concepts!

@Mainway Solutions


New TY Tech Videos for Winder/Tcat

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How to Install BOP Oil Tank Gasket

How to remove your Suspension and Service your Bearings.

How to remove you lower jack-shaft and service the chain-case

All info provided is an example of what I found that works for me. There maybe faster or easier ways to do it. If you have a idea on how to do it better or faster maybe make a video or do a write up with images to explain. This will help all users as well as myself.

Sled Talk #32 - Pre-Season Service Part 1

Merry Christmas !!!

Order your TY Ride Shirts 2022-23 Season now!!

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TY Ride Shirts 2022-23 Season!!!
I hope you guys like this year's design. We are really pushing to have everything available by the first ride in January, but due to some extended lead times, we will have them for the Giveaway for sure!!
2023 Image.JPG

2023 Image - 2.JPG
If you want a shirt, please fill out the attached order form and send into Webmaster@totallyamaha.net along with your payment via check, paypal, or note you will pay upon pickup. Thanks and enjoy the new ride shirt. More info below:

T shirts: $16 ea. Sizes S thru 2XL and Add $3 for 3XL and $5 for 4 XL
Long Sleeve: $20 ea. Sizes S thru 2XL and Add $4 for 3XL and $6 for 4 XL
Sweatshirts: $25 ea. Sizes S thru 2XL and Add $4 for 3XL and $6 for 4 XL
Hoodies: $40 ea. Sizes S thru 2XL and Add $4 for 3XL and...

December 16 thru 18 - Keweenaw Ride: Cancelled

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This ride is now cancelled due lack of snow and no grooming. Sorry and keep praying for snow.

Sled Talk 31 - Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Thanksgiving!!

2022 Fall Do It In Dirt Ride Video

Happy Veterans Day!

Facebook Bans me, WTF!!!

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Facebook has disabled my account and will be removing it in 30 days. Good thing a few years back I made my wife a admin to TY Facebook as we still have access to that side just not on my personal account. I have contested it over and over and the Facebook Team and the company META that runs the security is not helping what so ever. They send me into the vicious cycle of uploading a driver license to verify who I am and they keep coming back that the account will stay disabled and the decision is final. My account was compromised from an old email address from about 10 years ago that was never cleared from the account and some nasty stuff was posted, from what I understand based on the ban to the account. I was informed VIA email that it happened at 2AM on 10/21/22 and by the time I could get to it, it was too late. I am posting to warn others that even though I have had no issues in 15 + years that they don’t care and will not help you in a situation like this. I have read...

TY Ride Dates 2022-23 Season!!

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TY Ride Dates 2022-23 Season!!
  • CANCELED DUE TO LOW SNOW AND NO GROOMING. December 16 thru 18 - Keweenaw Ride:
We will be riding out of White House Motel, 3906 Hwy 41 in Mohawk MI, 5 miles north of Calumet. There is no reserved block of rooms and will be first come first serve. Room Rates Average out with Tax and cleaning for around $112. The hotel has new owners and they are running it as an AirBB. To book: Got to https://whitehouselodging.com/book-now or Go to AirBB.com, register and look for White House Motel in Mohawk, Allouez Township. Pick the room and date range. Limited rooms available. Currently room 8 and 10 are taken.

If you cant get a room you can also try, AmericInn Lodge & Suites Calumet MI 906-337-6463 or Trail Side at 906-337-9905.
  • January 13 thru 15 - Munising TY Fun Ride:
Limitations this year on booking this ride, please read...

Sled Talk#30 Hay Days.

2nd day of the 2022 Fall Annual Do It In Dirt ATV/UTV Ride

1st Day of 2022 Fall Do IT In Dirt ATV/UTV ride !!

Wide Open Wisconsin Stunt Show

Wide Open Wisconsin Snow Show. Final day!

Wide Open Wisconsin Snow Show. Day 2

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Vintage Show

Wide Open Wisconsin (WOW) Day 1

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Franklin, another great member has passed!

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Sad to say we have lost another great member of Totallyamaha. Franklin (Garrett Valimont). He will be missed in the Yamaha Community. You can see how much he loved his Yamaha, his wife is wearing the shirt he wore at their wedding reception! This man bleed yamalube! She set his most prized possession his Sidewinder at his funeral. So sad and god speed to my TY brother Franklin.




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