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FJRwithSkis wrote on snowdust's profile.
Did you secure that 24/50 set? I've had a 500 mile set listed on Hardcore for a few months...
David5255 wrote on stubb111's profile.
Hey bud, do you still have the template for those protectors you made for the apex exhaust?
Hello ... new to site... trying to find info for 2007 venture--- crank no start condition---no spark -- have power to coils so thinking problem on ground / trigger side.. control of power through kill switch on brown wires- has two smaller guage wires on kill also.. really need wiring diagram
2021 SRX doing ARP head studs happened to have one pull the threads out of the block, going 65 ftlbs on the nuts I believe my torque wrench was not reading proper, anyone else have this happen, going to use a timesert and hope that does it. Any input, thanks
Hey guys, I have just bought a 2008 phazer for the wife .. just doing a inspection, replaced all the steering joints ect, while greasing the skid I noticed a lot of wear on the center of my track, and the front shock bottom is rubbing on the track. Any thoughts on what would cause this, now the torsion spring is pretty close to shot , and the slides could be replaced and the limit strap is tight no matter what ..