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Albums from the TY4stroke: Snowmobile Forum | Yamaha - 4 Stroke users


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  1. ishpeming fan
    Be careful with all that H.P. on tap. The fun flipper on the sidewinder is very fun and very addicting. Have fun with her and be safe.
  2. Judy
    Have had a few minor bumps along the way. She likes to go fast, and she has chewed up two belts this year so far. No regrets on this purchase. I am taking her back to Kenora for a check up this...
  3. ishpeming fan
    It looks you have had it for a while now, how do you like it?
  4. Judy
    @ishpeming fan Sure did!!!!
  5. Scott Stedronsky
    Howd it work? Is that the MPS rig from Barn of Parts?

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