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Jan 17, 2020 at 1:27 PM
Feb 22, 2008
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Oct 6, 1959 (Age: 60)
M-Th Livonia Mich F-S Oscoda Mich
Master ASE tech training author for Bosch at Ford

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VIP Member, Male, 60, from M-Th Livonia Mich F-S Oscoda Mich

VIP Member
03RX1-ER-LE was last seen:
Jan 17, 2020 at 1:27 PM
    1. MarkAttack
      I never even thought about trying to grease the permanent ly sealed idler wheel bearings with a need zero. Also never tried to grease the Jack shaft bearings as I never looked for a way to access them.
      I have taken apart non greasable u-joints and greased them and I have greased steering shaft bearings through a rubber boot with a Needle
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    Oct 6, 1959 (Age: 60)
    M-Th Livonia Mich F-S Oscoda Mich
    Master ASE tech training author for Bosch at Ford
    2011 Apex XTX 3700 miles
    2009 Apex ER 6000 miles

    2016 Sport Haven 12 foot Hybrid trailer

    Tow Vehicle
    2019 F-150 Super Crew 4x4 2.7L EcoBoost in of course Yamaha (Velocity) Blue!
    Livonia Michigan
    Snowmobiliing, ATVs, Hot Rods, Boating, Fishing, Women
    Technical Writer for the Automotive Industry
    Snowmobiling 24/7 of course!


    11 Blue Apex XTX 4,488 miles, 114 studs, Snow Studs dual carbides, Dupont sliders, Rocks HIDs, PowerMadd hand guards with LEDs, tall warm windshield, BOP soft start spring and ski mounted cable scratcher's.
    (purchased with 775 miles for $5600 October 2018)
    09 Red Apex-ER 6,120 miles 192 studs, dual carbides, Dupont sliders, PowerMadd hand guards with LEDs and tall warm windshield.
    (purchased with 2k miles for $5k March 2016)

    2019 Season 2,925 miles, what a season it was!
    2020 Season 788 miles so far, 488 this past weekend in Muni 300 the weekend before in Brimley

    Yamaha snowmobiles owned
    03 RX1-ER Red 6,826 miles (Sold September 2018)
    03 RX1-ER-LE Silver 13,620 miles (Sold September 2018)
    03 RX1-ER Blue 7,180 miles (Stolen February 2016)
    03 Viper ER Red 4,500 miles (Traded even up for 03 RX1-ER Blue 2k miles January 2006)
    98 Venture 500 Green 2,800 miles (Traded for Red 03 RX1 with 4k miles and 2k cash December 2007)
    98 VMax 500 XTC Deluxe Purple 7k miles (Sold)
    95 Phazer LE Red 4k miles (Sold)
    93 Phazer LE Red 6k miles (Sold)

    85 Bravo Black (Have owned for 22 years now has went thru kids and 5 grand kids so far, 2 to go [only 6 yr old and 1 yr old] so a while yet for them)
    69 SL351 (Sold many years ago, should have kept as did not get much for it and was all original and in primo condition including little gas can in backrest.)
    Have owned many other makes over the years (early 70s to early 90s) from Johnson, Evinrude, MotoSkis, few Chaparrals, John Deere's and one Arctic Cat

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