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    300 ss tune 4800 rpm engagement to high for me. Stm primary lime green spring supertips ,,tungsten in heal 4 washers in middle 1 tungsten on tip love to get lower engagement,, I don’t no top rpm at moment
    Stock secondary, Purple spring at 0-1 straight 35 helix. Is any of this close.. snapping a lot of belts with stock secondary stock spring 6-1,stock helix
    Dalton loaded to 80-82 grams cat purple spring.
    You could call Carver and ask, they would be helpful I’m sure
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    alain langlois
    Thanks for the information, replacement chocks are hard to find these days, all sold out. Found a set of used one from ZR9000rr 2018, i will now have QS3rr all around. Next season I will have them refurbish and see if I can have the adjustment upgrade with more than 3 settings.
    Also the XF most models with the 137”Carver used to sell a RC2 shock kit for the rear of those sleds but now only offers it for the 129”
    Hi, would you please help me with my suspension upgrade for my sidewinder 2018, ltx-dx 137. I don't want to spent hi $$$ in very expensive suspension like stage 5, not a racer, like to tweak for a good ride. I saw your comments on Fox suspension but i am getting lost with all the options. I guest i could purchase cat suspension parts but not sure of the compatibility with my sleed.
    I have a question for you since your handle is clutch master. I'm having good luck with the yamaha pink secondary spring but want to machine .050" off the secondary pocket and .050" off the helix pocket to eliminate coil binding, would it be the same taking 100 thou. off the helix only or should it be balanced and take 50 thou off each?
    Just wanted to say thanks and appreciate all the input for clutching. I'm not mechanically inclined (as you probably have guessed) and at others mercy when it comes to this sort of stuff.
    If you were nearby, I'd offer to bring my winder so you could have a close up look to see what we're all bugging you about and trying figure out. Lol
    Thanks Snowaddict wish you were closer so we could do some testing. This new winder clutch is in need of some real world testing 4 sure. Hopefully my friend Matt will have a bit of free time in the near future so I can actually do some testing and see what’s going on. It’s good to see we have some guys sharing their info now.
    Cheers, CM
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