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  • Thanks,do you revalve shocks for a living? I have cannadale who also goes by the name shoc doc as well doing my broke q3s front shock from my crash,i don't understand all the info you gave me bro,but I sure would like my LTX le to work great once I get it put back togeather,man I have such a mountain to climb up and over yet,to get on snow with my 2017 SW. Thanks pete
    what did you have done for the revalve job,low speed,or high speed,bigger washers or smaller,i have my fronts in canadales shop being fixed from my crash,but my skid is just sitting there doing nothing,would love to have that one done if it will help with transfer,when we raced it on grass it transferred horrible with blocks out,can you give me some starting point,or point me to whoever did yours. thanks Pete
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