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  • Jan Ove... how have you been.? Its been years since we chatted.... I now ride a 2009 Nitro, I think I had the RX-1 when we chatted last.
    Hope all is well with you and the family. If I remember correctly..... you were starting your own business...
    Hows the daughter doing..?
    Looking forward to chatting again.!!
    We moved to Green Bay Wisconsin (USA)
    Take care
    Tom Michel (Standard)
    Hello Jan-Ove. It's Inaki and I haven't been on the site for a long time. Just wanted some advice on a mc xpress 290hp kit install on my 2011 apex se. When installing the pressure tube, Do you have to remove the riveted hardware for the tunnel protectors also. It looks like that and where do attach them on the p-tube side after?
    Hey saw in a view post you had done work with the mcxpress data logging. Was wondering if you know how to connect an a/f gauge to the Ecu. I have an aem gauge with logging option but don't know which wires in the ten pin connect out of the Ecu to connect it too?
    Hey RXrider, I would like to express my thanks and appreciation for all the effort and your expertise you have put into this site. It's been very useful to myself and I'm sure many others. Best regards and cheers!
    do you know how to get into CO settings mode on a 2011 apex? My buddy kevin just installed mcx 290 kit on my apex and its too rich at start up and idle. Ive searched it but no answers on newer apex, I have pc5 with ign module but never put it on yet. I would rather run it as mcx for first bit. also do you feel its worth the money to buy the mcx display unit? what can we adjust with it? thanks Grant
    Send me Your email address and I'll send you the procedure.
    I have it in Tiff format, can't post it in here.
    You got mail
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