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  • Hey XP123, I saw your reply to ROCKERDAN on his chain case failure that you were going to Temiscaming/Abitibi next weekend for a trip. I spent all my life in Temiscaming and now reside in Kipawa 9 km away. I'm also leaving on the 23rd with 4 others for a 4 day trip. If you need any information or help do not hesitate to ask me. Where are you guys travelling to?
    Hey Joe, Soory I have missed some of your messages. I do not get a chance to come on TY to much.
    I have been building my own custom rear wheel kits. $180.00 your cost complete. All 4 wheels. 2 inner black, 2 outer (your choice in color) kit includes all spacers and bolts. Well tested. 8000+ miles on Vipers, Sidewinders and Cats.
    If you have any further questions please email me @.

    Hey Don. I already bought the 4th wheel kit from you. Does your custom kit use the same wheels?
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