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50 To 90mph Times

Had colder temps yesterday and a 2.9 time. New snow new grooming and the first full tilt ride of the season!

Traction is everything. Get that thing hooking properly and you will be surprised at the difference. You can estimate power loss at altitude, but if you're spinning the track you know your losing allot of time.
anybody running a stock sidewinder knows it spins all the time....ripsaw 2 track should be at least 1.5 inche track..i do not like studding but i am going to have to do it!!!WAY WAY TO MUCH TRACK SPIN!IF YOU RIDE THE TRAILS IN THE U.P THE STOCK TRACK WILL SPIN ALL DAY!!
15lbs of boost. But I have track spin all the time in our snow!
That boost seems low for a 270 tune,my td max16 is seeing 17lbs most of the time and spikes to 20 plus on hard excell.
Beautiful pics. And the picture crispness, color are really good! And all that white stuff they call snow, it looks like fun!
Wow sure dont look like that in our state now does it Dennis? And to think here in southern maine up till yesterday we had 2 feet on the ground,not now all gone,but temps are dropping fast down to 25 now. those pics sure do look sweet,thanks for the post.