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China in COVID lockdown, gonna be another one of those years....

Oh boy, I just saw on the news that China is in a COVID lockdown. Streets are empty, stores not open and people can't even get supplies or groceries. The ports are not moving containers onto ships, and you know what that means for the global supply and prices on product again......

I may never get to see that 2023 SRX I have ordered, good lord is it ever going to get back to normal? Can COVID be that bad in China again WTF? I thought this COVID was subsiding and getting better now China goes into a complete and utter lockdown.

I do alot of business with China. My source tells me that the Chinese vaccine is not as good as Pfizer or Moderna so they have problems. Unlike America, when you get locked down in China you can be arrested if you come out. Most people like to avoid that possibility. There is no "catch and release" in China like the US.

I think we should expect continued supply chain problems through 2022 and into 2023 to some degree. As the cost of everything rises due to inflation and as money tightens, demand for many things will drop as people worry about filling their gas tank, feeding their families, and paying higher interest on debt. Don't know how this will affect the snomo business but it should be assumed that Cat and Yamaha will produce only what they can guarantee to get part for parts for while retooling for 2024 when the supply chain should start to go back to normal.

Of course this assumption is based on avoiding WW3 in 2022.