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Thanks for the opportunity would make a nice birthday present to myself
Congratulations to Post # 30

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!! Thanks!! I’ll do two of the front bushing kits. How do we want to do it?
I’d like to get added to the list. Would give me an excuse to buy two sets of greasable a arm bushings.
Send me an Email with your all your Contact information and phone number and i'll Call you on Monday.


BTW, I didn't say anything about Chicken Dinner.........Congratulations :rocks:
Wow Great timing, I was looking at your products the other day
Happy Holidays From Mainway Solutions.

Enter 1 Post Below for a chance to win a $100 Gift Certificate toward the purchase of any Yamaha Products we Offer.
Only One post per member.
Winner will be picked by Random Number Picker ............ January 15th

We will close the draw off at about 5pm on January 15th with My Post....Good Luck!!

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Count me in, merry Christmas
I think this was last year's giveaway, but in the event they are doing it again, I'm in.;)
thanks for doing it again. I’m in