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MCxpress turbo needs a rebuild

Discussion in '4 Stroke Turbos/Supercharger' started by Clyder6R, Oct 17, 2018.

  1. Clyder6R

    Clyder6R Extreme

    Atlantic Canada
    2015 Yamaha Viper MTX 153 McXpress 190 kit
    My new to me sled needs the turbo rebuilt, it has some play in the shaft and i found some oil in the intake (which may be from the drain into the intake tube) But i found a lot of oil on the boost side, so much that when i took it off it ran down the turbo.

    So who's done it, ive seen some guys online have done it in the car world, and doesn't need to be re-balanced as long as i mark the location of impeller and exhaust turbine.

    Also where can i find a non Chinese rebuild kit. For a Volvo 16T turbo.

  3. machzrobbie

    machzrobbie Expert

    Bradford Ontario Canada
    Cherry turbos in Ontario does a great job - google it
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