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Mountain Skis with Snowtrackers

Discussion in 'Port Yamaha' started by SteelerJim, Dec 11, 2014.

  1. SteelerJim

    SteelerJim Expert

    Rockton, Pa
    2011 Nytro XTX
    I am looking to put the Yamaha mountain skis on my 11 Nytro xtx. Could you verify the part numbers and tell me what else I would need besides the bolt to install.
    Skis. 8fk-23711-00-bk
    bolt. 90105-10410-00
    Also I am interested in putting agressive Snow Trackers on these. Do you sell them. You only have the semi-agressive ones listed on your site. Thanks

  3. Port-Parts

    Port-Parts Advertiser Advertiser VIP Member

    Port Washington Wi
    2012 Nytro RTX
    2018 Sidewinder BTX SE
    In order to mount those mountain skis on your Nytro you would need to get the bolt, collars, and ski rubbers from the Nytro MTX model as all those parts are needed to space and mount the ski properly (if you are into changing ski stances often for you application ask me about an option for more adjustability when you call). You would then reuse your existing ski handle/hardware and carbides. Below is a list of the parts and quantities needed to do this. As far as snow trackers go we can get both the aggressive and semi aggressive styles. Feel free to give me a call if you have questions or want to get this order going. Thanks

    2 - 90105-10410-00 Bolt
    2 - 90387-10036-00 Center Collar
    2 - 90387-16022-00 Collars for spacing ski
    2 - 90387-16023-00 Collars for spacing ski
    2 - 8GP-23743-00-00 Ski Rubbers
    2 - 8FK-23711-00-BK Mtx Ski Bottoms

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