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  • Good evening Allen.
    . I just picked up a modded air box, hauk exhaust and a PC3 with ignition module. The guy said the pc3 has a map in it to run with the air box and the exhaust already. I dont have the program for my laptop and I'm unsure on where to get it, also I was wondering if you have any maps for this set up so I know it's right. My sled is a 2007 Apex attak.
    Thank you for any help you can give.
    Hey I have a 03 rx1 looking to clutch it has a gutted exhaust 137.5 main jets green springs was looking at doin
    Dpy60 fly weights
    Black blue primary spring
    Silver secondary spring
    54r46 helix
    Will this give me more mid/top end?
    do you still have the vineyfab 3" full body muffler in stock? do you recommend them?looking for a full header as well
    Wondering if you are still selling pcv maps? Bought a used 2011 nytro xtx with 1:75 backcountry, full hindle exhaust pcv and auto tune. Sled is clutched. I also just modified the airbox. No idea what map is loaded. Just like to have a proven map.

    Thanks Darren
    Allen,on my stage 4 kit I bought off you in 2017 on the stm ramps,what ramps were they 60y? And how were they loaded? What I remember was two tungstens in tip,mid empty,and one washer on each side in heel,for the EVO tune,does that sound right?
    Do you still have the gauge kits for the Nytro? Also may want a clutch kit if you can build one for my specifics? Can you message me back not sure how to do that? Thanks
    Thanks again for all the help with the supercharger install answering all my random questions, lol. We have used a few of your articles for the track swap too. Can't wait to let it rip!
    Hey, wondering if you have any kits made for viper mtx 163 with mcx270hp? Having troubles with blowing belts and hitting the limiter and backfire with rapid throttle application.
    Hey Allen when is a good time to call you? i cant seen to reach you, know your busy, i would like to get the right clutch parts for my sled ordered soon thanks<Ruben
    I have a nytro with stage 1 supercharger I'm looking for a map for pc5 pti, but I have the evo safety and timing flash would this make a difference.
    Do you have a clutch setup for viper mtx 153 with turbo for low elevation?
    We do not have the settings 100% dialed in yet, but we will have a kit available as soon as the MTX models begin shipping and showing up at dealers.
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