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    2023 Yamaha Snowmobile line up

    Is this speculation, prophesy, or a real window into the future of Yamaha’s snowmobile division Al? If it’s the real deal I’m going to be ridiculously disappointed in a brand I’ve loved literally my entire life.
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    Instructions for Snowtracker aggressive - Apex Attak

    Wait until you get some time on them riding hard/set up trails, you’re gonna smile!
  3. Stubbs

    Instructions for Snowtracker aggressive - Apex Attak

    One hole tighter than the longest possible setting. Definitely replace that missing rail cap before you ride it.
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    Opinions on Schmidt Stage 2 Kit

    Use the search function and you’ll find lots of info from countless threads, lots of positive feedback.
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    Swapping Out Rear Wheels

  6. Stubbs

    Check Your Rivets

    I’ve lost count of how many rivets I’ve replaced on high mile Deltabox sleds, it’s definitely a thing.
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    2011 Nytro XTX Looking For Ideas on a Power Up Kit Setup!

    Sorry to hear that, it’s a shame.
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    2011 Nytro XTX Looking For Ideas on a Power Up Kit Setup!

    3 holers seem to be hard on weights. I had been running the QAY 54, but grabbed a set of the 58’s to try this year, but haven’t had snow to set them up yet. Shoot me a PM and I’ll see if I can help.
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    2011 Nytro XTX Looking For Ideas on a Power Up Kit Setup!

    I’ve been told if you contact Hindle directly you can still have the full exhaust system built, but haven’t inquired directly because I already have one. The full kit with Hurricane Dave’s airbox mod and PCV works really well. If you track down the pieces I can point you in the right direction...
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    Yamaha Nytro won’t wheelie

    Nailed it!!!
  11. Stubbs

    Remember those days

    If that red head triple had pipes and a good set up it could give a stock SRX all it could handle. Been there, done ‘dat.
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    Axys RMK spindles

    Agreed, geometry looks pretty good from that pic.
  13. Stubbs

    Axys RMK spindles

    Can you take a pic from the front of the sled? Really interested in how the steering tie rod angle compares to the lower a-arm angle with those Polaro spindles. Would be nice to see them bolted up to the stock arms as well for comparison.
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    New to apex and 4 stroke

    The functionality of the Ohlins EC shock was built into every Apex ECU from ‘06-‘10, all that’s required for this upgrade is the shock itself and the sub-lead that plugs into the body harness of the sled up near the reverse linkage. If the sled tunnel has or had a hole for the RA dial then it’s...