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  1. Norse

    DIY headlight delete

    People have been asking how to do a headlight delete on a Sidewinder/Viper. Here's how I did mine recently. This one has a 270 kit with cold air intake. It should be possible for stock ones too. I've made a similar solution on a Viper with the same kit. I took the hood off, then...
  2. M

    08 Nytro headlight/tail light won't turn off

    Just got home from a day of riding and now my headlight and tail light won't shut off. They key is removed from the ignition and the E stop is down. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. Norse

    Headlight delete Viper

    I'm looking to remove my headlight and use LED bar instead. Is it possible to remove the headlight, then lower the instrument panel? Example:
  4. G

    No Low Beams... High Beams Fine 2007 Attak

    Howdy, I have a 2007 Attack. I had most of the body work off and the headlight assembly and dash panel etc to: 1) Change the plugs, oil, filter and coolant 2) Fix the broken mounting tabs on the headlight assembly. 3) Replace the cracked instrument pod mount... I got it all back together and...