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  1. B

    Replacement shocks for MTX float2s?

    So now that Fox is discontinued the Float2s and I'm in need of parts to rebuild mine, I'm in the market for anything else which will fit and work. Has anyone tried other shocks in place of the center and rear float2s? I know I can get some custom built ones but that's more than the sled is...
  2. TimB

    Venture MP front shock options

    Hey guys. I recently bought a 2013 Venture MP with blown front shocks. I purchased stock replacements from Babbitt’s Online out of Michigan, and it’s taking them a very long time to get them out of whatever Yamaha warehouse they are stored in. I may cancel the order and look for aftermarket...
  3. Hilux

    Venture lite suspension upgrades

    Hello all, I don't recall if I've posted here before but I have certainly gained a lot of knowledge from the site. UP's steering kit, rose joint and ATV linkage, tunnel icing and exhaust rerouting to name a few. I currently own two 2009 Venture Lites (which appear to have a number of MP...