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151 track from a Polaris


Dec 18, 2016
West Canada
2004 RX1
Was wondering if a 151 track from a older Polaris would fit the RX1 part number is 5412886

When I check that part number is lists "2.0" in the description (ie. "Track, 151 inch, 2..0"). If that is the indication of the pitch of the track, then I don't think it will work on the RX-1 as they have 2.52 pitch; unless the MTN RX-1 is different than the RX-1. Unfortunately, the selection and/or availabiliyt of 2.52 pitch tracks are limited and hence why some have swapped out their drivers to be able to run the more common 2.86 pitch tracks.
Yeah I think I better get with the times here,I don’t see another 151 production happening…I think your right about the Polaris track it’s probably switching drivers…if that even works!
i swapped drivers on a sprint to make it 2.52 pitch. i put 3 pitch drivers on a rx warrior to use a nitro mtx track. then converted it back to 2.52 drivers to put a 151" x 15" x 1.25" lug track that he liked better.
Doesn’t sound like a bad job to do,I haven’t looked into it yet.Is all you need a press and mark the drivers with a sharpie?
pretty much.