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153 vs 162 tunnel length...?


Feb 3, 2010
A clean, low mileage SR Viper M-tx 162 came up for sale fairly local to me, and I'm thinking about buying it and shortening it to a 153. Can someone tell me if the tunnel is longer on the 162? If i woupd have to shorten the tunnel, or replace it completely, it might not be worth messing with.

The 162" tunnel and rear bumper are longer. I forgot the exact difference (seemed like it's about 4 1/2"), but you can run a 153" under it no problem. It will just have a little more overhang is all.
As far as the difference in skid length, that takes place behind the rear scissor arm mount. So you can just swap out your existing rails. You will need to use the same year rails as the sled though, as they have changed them over the years.
I was planning on just using a set of Iceage rails if i couldn't find someone to trade with, but that's good ti know that I'd need to trade for something the same year. I also looked at the yamaha parts fiche, and it looks like if i didn't like the looks of the long tunnel, I could buy the rear section for the 153" tunnel and rivet it on. If I can't find a mtx 153 or an xtx to extend in the next couple weeks, i'll probably pull the trigger on this mtx 162. There sure aren't many vipers on the market!
If there are any vendors from this forum that would have what I'd need, i would gladly support them, as well.