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Mar 26, 2019 at 11:02 PM
Feb 20, 2007
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Moderator, from Manitowoc,WI

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Viewing portal index, Mar 26, 2019 at 11:02 PM
    1. GT Mills
      GT Mills
      Maybe you can help. I got the TY4 PDF of the Sidewinder manual but the wiring diagram cannot be read. Any HD versions of the wiring diagrams available? Thanks, Greg
    2. CharlieAZ
      Really liking what I am seeing on the 2020 sleds :)
      1. cannondale27 likes this.
    3. PAvector
      Are you doing snow shocks this time of year? I would like to get some rebuilt/revalved this month if possible.
      1. cannondale27
        Oh yeah! I do them all year.
        Sep 7, 2018
    4. ishpeming fan
      ishpeming fan
      good morning, I was wondering if the cat part numbers you posted for the front arm axle up grade for the cat rr would work with the 2014 LTX 137 inch skid or is it only good for the 129 inch skid? thanks in advance
      1. cannondale27
        They will work on both.
        May 11, 2018
      2. ishpeming fan
        ishpeming fan
        thank you sir
        May 11, 2018
        cannondale27 likes this.
    5. D&C&S
      One more thing and I won't bother you anymore. I have the mbrp trail muffler for 2 years now and no problems.I will be installing excell air intake with orginal blocked off. Excell said you don't need a fuel programmer. Others are using programmers. Would it be ok to run my setup without a programmer for trail riding. Thanks your opinion is appreciated.
      1. cannondale27
        I did but not for long and I did get more power with PCV. I have afr guage I watch so be careful without.
        Apr 6, 2018
    6. D&C&S
      D&C&S All he said this way it would make more rpm at full shift on a long pull. I am more interested in what it's supposed to do, make more hp in low and mid .Maybe you could call him and verify.
      I think i will be putting mine on the old way. Thanks Doug.
      1. Brotherdan likes this.
      2. cannondale27
        Could be. I never tried it without block plate installed. I definitely noticed the difference in mid range. Much easier to break track loose to corner under power even with good traction.
        Apr 4, 2018
    7. D&C&S
      Excell said i could run it either way made the same hp the velocity stacks are the key.
      I am going to block it off. Could you tell me how you facened the aluminum to the plastic ie:
      Pop rivets and silicon. Thanks
      1. cannondale27
        Pop rivets and silicone. Pretty sure I made a post about it
        Apr 4, 2018
    8. D&C&S
      I just received the intake kit from Excell and they are no longer blocking off
      the orginal inlet or removing the air horn.Any words on this . Thanks
    9. Kkurz
      Sorry to bother, but I overfilled my chaincase. Am I risking anything running it?
    10. Schmecman
      Can you please send me a link to 2017 sidewinder service manual
    11. mark f
      mark f
      no problems just was wondering if needed to do something different with front shocks after I put the new skis & spring set up on. didn't want any surprises when I finally get up north. not much chance of testing set ups in central Illinois thanks
      1. cannondale27
        Run it I believe you will be very happy
        Dec 28, 2017
    12. mark f
      mark f
      Have a 2016 viper LTX DX with about 750 miles on it. trail ride in the UP mostly. putting on C&A XPT skis on it and putting Bill Mohr spring on center shock. wondering if I should do something with my front shocks. can they be revalved or replaced? found some fox zero pro front shocks, 18.5 eye to eye measurement, rebound adjustment clicker. would these be a lot better shock to have rebuilt?
      1. cannondale27
        The rebound clicker works well but most really like the shocks you have already. You having issues with them?
        Dec 27, 2017
    13. DHoward
      Could you contact me at 763-757-4855? I have questions on 2014 sr viper shock service. Dan
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    PCIII,Ulmer bushings/clutch,reverse secondary,Freeride,Axis rearshock,custom rest,all updates done,tunnel fully closed,Pilot 6.9's,UPBushmans bushings,4strokesolutions valve,Dupont Slides,MountainTech Runningboards

    14Viper rtx se
    Yamaheater HID lights,TrailTech HID,Larson Racing 4th Wheel kit,Pilot6.9s,FOX Float Evol X's,MyValving Rear/Hygear Axis,Ulmer Helix 8DN and PCV With 2 stage ignition,Excell Cold Air,Evo 25/45 Gearing,4strokesolutions Rollover valve,Ulmer/Straightline Header and Silencer Play Stock Gutted Trail,14.5mm rollers,DD Magnaforce weights.

    Revalved Shocks,Bikeman Clutching

    C27 Shock Doc Facebook
    $30 Refresh
    $80 Revalve

    Steve Spiering
    4918 County Road B
    Manitowoc,WI 54220

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