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It's possible there is still an exhaust leak. The FX Garage worx pipes replaced the stuff circled in red but when was the last time the two muffler gaskets in yellow have been replaced?
Hi Rob thanks for the reply, I did replaced the two y-pipe to muffler gaskets during the last donut change (a year or so ago) But I did reuse them when I installed the FX Garage worx fix. My first suspicion was that they could be leaking but covering the muffler outlets did stall the exhaust.
mine with good dounuts chugs at least 3 times before it stalls when cold. i learned to never test them hot as the pipe expansion hides the leak. had that happen on the 11 and the dounuts fell apart when i took them apart.
First thing I would do is change the plugs....not only may the plugs be fouled but there may be water in the plug wells shorting out the COPS[coil over plugs]
Sounds like symptoms similar to my buddies 06 Apex sled started acting very much the same as you describe above. Back firing on decel, and if not on the flipper somewhat coming to a stop, it would stall, then start right up and be fine. Idling issues same as you describe. He swapped out all kinds of things trying to rule out what was causing this but to no avail.
Not sure how many miles you have on the Apex Chris, my buds sled had about 25,000 kms on it and it needed a valve adjustment.
Ran like a champ after that. FWIW
We changed to the FX garage system last year and could not get it to stop with the decel backfire. Tore them back out and went back to copper gaskets and a used set of Yamaha Y pipes and all good. Just our experience.
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A few years ago I had an aftermarket exhaust on my Attak that developed a crack. My first clue something was up was backfiring on deceleration.
How many miles? Possibly needs a valve adjustment or there is too much fuel. Check the CO setting if you don't have a power commander. Change the plugs first as you mentioned.
Hi Chris. I have done the same exhaust as you have, with the same rough idle. I have had a dealer look at mine. Changed plugs, checked coils, checked fuel pressure, checked tps, synced the throttle bodies. Nothing seemed to change the way it idles. Did yours idle fine before exhaust work? Mine did. Was thinking valve adjustment next. Seem early for that though only 7900 miles on sled. Also, I do not have backfire issues. Runs perfectly once riding. If you figure yours out can you please let us know what you did. I will do the same. Thanks Tom
Also, you should check and make sure the coils are down all the way, and snapped in the locked position.

I am having the idle issue as stated in April. Just had valves checked and adjusted. Exhaust valves were all over the place. The only problem is I haven't run the sled yet. 7500 miles on my sled. With the lack of snow who knows when I'll run it. I think it's a good possibility your exhaust valves are tight.