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Apex air box mod.

Discussion in '4 Stroke Air Intake' started by Darren Betker, Jan 29, 2017.

  1. Darren Betker

    Darren Betker Expert

    apex gt
    Now that iv owned this beast for a while im starting to learn about the cheap and easy mods first. so its an 06 gt in minty shape and have since done the swiss cheese mod to my muffler aand would like to do an air box/cold air air box mod next. Iv briefly seen the bullseyes a guy can put on the box. There must be more?...no? so Im lookin for other air box mods but I dont want to have to do any upgrading to my feul controller. Thoughts?

  3. steiner

    steiner Moderator Staff Member Moderator Lifetime VIP Member VIP Member

    Niverville MB Canada
    More air thru the engine =more fuel. Period
    More air and fuel=timing changes.
    Simple laws of hp.
    Without the extra fuel and timing changes all you will noticeably gain is noise. Been there done that.

    On a side note , its nice to see that some members (like yourself) do know how to use the search function.;)!
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