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Cargo trailer questions


TY 4 Stroke Master
Nov 27, 2011
St. Peter Minnesota
2014 Viper XTX SE
I am debating buying an enclosed trailer. Would be for hauling sleds, atvs, and an old (long and tall) car. Door opening needs to be at least 76" tall so that puts me with a couple different Triton trailers, either a Vault 8ft wide (with 7ft sides) or Lowboy. I have almost ruled out the Lowboy because of $$$. Does anyone have experience loading sleds in a cargo trailer? I know there will be more muscling the sleds around but not too concerned about that. These Vaults come in either 16', 18', and 20' lengths. I really only need a 16' but would consider the 18' or 20' if I could get 4 sleds in one.

I will also mention that I am not considering other brands of trailers at this time, had very good luck with Triton over the years.