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dalton arms setup?


Jan 30, 2018
2007 apex gt 2017 sidewinder LTX LE 137"
So Ive got a stock 2017 sidewinder at the sled dealer doing some preventative maint and also upgrades. The upgrades are a TD reflash powertrail 250hp stock muffler,dalton black /orange secondary spring and dalton qay-70 primary weights. The ecu and parts came in and Im dropping them off tomorrow. I really dont know about setting up the primary weights and Im assuming the dealer will know what he's looking at. I looked at the paperwork but I dont understand it. I see where there are 3 bags of screw weights with 6 different lengths in each bag. I see where each arm has a place for a screw in the heel and the tip. Im assuming a rpm of 9000 at WOT is where it should be? Anybody have a similar setup to mine and know where which screw would go where? Thanks
I just wanted a little power upgrade and then was told I should have different primary arms and suggested the black/orange secondary spring. I personally havent played with this stuff before so I have no clue. I was hoping someone had a similar setup and I could get the primary correct the 1st time.
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First slug gets screwed in all the way towards the tip until it stops turning. Not too tight, but snug it up. Screw the next slug until its snug against the first slug and so on.

If running Ultimax belt, try the weights empty with NO slugs at all, then go from there.

If running 8jp belt put 3/4 inch slug (3.1 gram) in first, then screw 3/8 inch slug (1.3) behind it and go from there.

If it under turns, pull the 3/8 slug and replace with 1/4 slug.

Hope this helps.
Looking at the arms closer I now see the threaded hole goes all the way through from what you wrote. I'm a newby on this. So you insert the screw on the heel end and turn it in all the way to the tip. And stack them up that way. I will tell the shop today on your recommendation on which screws. Hopefully that will give the 9k at wot we're looking for. I haven't looked but im sure its a stock part# belt.Thanks