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Grooming in Vermont with 08 VK Pro

Hey Ron,

That Arctic Cat quad trak looks very cool. Here we are 30 years later we finally have something similar with one of the UTVs with tracks. Many groomers are using Yamaha Grizzlys or Rhinos with Tatou tracks.

How does the quad trak steer? Is it true you lean via body weight or is there a more direct way to get it to turn?

How top heavy is the quad trak?

Morning ....Most of the quad trac's are branded as Scorpions and they
have an automotive steering wheel and steering box with a drag link
going back to the hinge area. Easy to steer when moving but takes a
number of turns to go lock to lock,,,A very rugged idea with a few short
comings...No heat , very few have orig engines , and the chain case
in each track were prone to exploding sprockets...track gets spinning and
then catches traction and pooff..
They rattle and shake bad on hard ground, not sure about hard pack
trail as we lack any real snow this yr (just N of Toronto,On).
No spring suspension, but tracks pivot on the dana axles and it occilates
around the drive shaft to front....24 ft inside turning circle as it used
u joints in hinge instead of CV joints..but that would be considered a
proper radius for grooming....It's cool to drive but couldn't imagine
spending the night grooming in it...LOL...it is 55" wide and about 1400lb
according to specs...It should go where you aim it while pulling but
not sure about deep snow...as the diffs hang down in centre...
If it had suspension at the axle mounts and a liq engine for heat it
would work well....the 79 versions had hyd pump and BIG fuel tank..
To answer first question,,,very low centre of gravity. as eng and gear
case are low in rear 1/2 and it only has a small fuel tank . The older
machines had a large fuel tank which did stick above the rails and might
be more tippy.....