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Improve your photos 1000%, it's easy, learn here


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Oct 27, 2004
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You can really improve your photo presentations by not downloading them to this site (plus that eats up server space)

It is easy.

1.Sign up for free photo hosting at one of numerous sites.
I like www.photobucket.com Ike recommends www.allyoucanupload.com

2.Download pics you want to post to the hosting site (photobucket)

3. copy and paste the url address of the pic you want to post, then put
[ img] in front of the url address and [ /img] at the end of it.


[ img]http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i58/Torkmax/house2.jpg[ /img]

I added spaces right after each left bracket so it would not post as a picture so you could see what it looks like.
With out those spaces it posts as a pic, not text



As to item three. If you copy the "Img" text box, the image tags will be included when you paste.


Cut and pasted from another thread, very helpfull for Photobucket!
redrocket said:
Eagle1 said:
RedRocket - I use photobuket too, but can never get the thumbnails to work what am I doing wrong?

When your in your photos album, click on the empty box next to any and all pictures you want to add and then go to the bottom of the screen and click on "Generate HTML and IMG code". Then you will find a box labeled "IMG clickable thumbnails for message boards - recommended", copy the text in that box and paste it into the message box. Done!

If you find that your links in the thumbnails are taken you back to your album instead of just the picture, you need to go to your "account options" which can be found at the top of the page and then uncheck the "Images Link Back To Album" option and save. You will then have to remake the thumbnail HTML codes.

I also found that you can add the Thumbnail HTML code right to the list that pops up under each image in your album view. Just click on "link options" under your image and select the box under "IMG for bulletin boards & forums" - "Clickable thumbnail"

Here's the thread to have a full read
SledDog from another thread said:
....Tork's way is superior. I am using the photobucket site for this picture it is free and does not load down our server. It is really easy just sign up, upload your pictures, copy and past the img text box to here and voila. Thanks Tork for finding a better way without taxing our server!

Yes if we host pics offsite, and use Swiss Sledders search saving method we could probably cut server upgrades in nearly 1/2

Plus the pics look way better!

Swiss Sledder said:
When reviewing the search results showing the list of matching threads, it is important not to click on the thread you want to view. If you do, your search results page is lost when you try to go back to that page and you will get a warning message that the search results page is no longer available. A simple way around this is to move the cursor and right click your mouse button on the thread you want to view, then select Open in New Window (open in new tab for those using Modzilla). This will enable you to view the thread while preserving your search results page.
The downside to doing pictures this way is the page load time for the dial-up users. I assume the other method is actually creating a thumbnail.
Yes, this is another way of posting pics, but as you can see from Familyman's unless you re-size them ahead of time, there is no way to see the entire pic in the post. Also, any text is now carried way out of view without scrolling side to side.

Just something to think about when putting up pics for everyone to see. :Rockon: 800x600 is usually a good size (depending on your monitor)
I link a bunch of pics and I have asked dial up users if they take too long to load and get no replys.
Convert and I have talked about this as he is on dial up on weekends out at his cabin, and he says 'dial up is slow on everthing and it may not matter". But size is an issue to consider of course.

My first pic is 1024 x 768, which is really too big
my second is 640 x 480 which is a good size.
Irfanview is a great free pic resizer, and is a great tool to use with this process

Keep the suggestions coming and I'll add them to the first post.