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Iso clutching help on 2014 yamaha nytro mtx


Nov 25, 2021
Yorkton Saskatchewan
2014 yamaha nytro mtx se 153 (mcxpress 270 turbo)
Hey guys, i have searched through this whole website and haven't found exactly what i need for information, i have a 2014 mcxpress 270 turbo yamaha nytro mtx se with a 153x2.5 challenger extreme track with 20/40 gearing that i have spent a ton of time trying to tune these clutches and have yet to figure out an ideal setup for a good mix of backshift and upshift, the biggest thing i want is throttle response for boondocking and tree riding... all setups are with 14.5 rollers .. also im 250lbs
1600 ft elevation at home
6000-7500 in the hills
I have tried.

8bu-00 weights loaded with b-w-b primary and white secondary at 60-70° and a 47° straight yamaha helix

Dalton dtya-1 with bwb and white secondary at 60° with a 45° and 47°

Ulmer racing clutch kit with 60g super tips set with more and less heal and tip weight, tried everything possible for moving weight around, o-y-o spring, then b-wb, ran the k helix the kit came with with white secondary spring at 70°
Went back to the 47° straight cut with yamaha white at 70° great upshift, not great throttle response
Tried epi purple at 0-1 with straight47°, great pull but grenaded the belt in 5 min..

The most reasonable setup i had was t-2 in heel, 0 mid, 2-3 tip with oyo primary and the straight 47° with the yamaha white at 70° but still not great throttle response

Shmidt brother setup
Dalton dtya-1 with sb turbo primary spring and the black epi at 90° (0-3) with sb 48-43-48 helix, decent setup but still not ideal

Not sure if i should be going back to the super tips with the oyo primary spring and run the sb 48-43-48 with the black epi or what the hell to do but i feel like im chasing my damn tail, i need help if possible... not trying to be the fastest top speed but rather trying to fine a happy medium... any help is appreciated at this point ... thanks in advance