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Looking at a 2023 SRX


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Oct 8, 2011
Ontario Canada
So I’m looking at a brand new 2023 SRX, I currently have a 2017 Sidewinder LTX LE that I bought new and it’s been a great sled, but I have put a lot of time and money into making it a reliable machine, so I think I am going to have to keep it for the time being, plus it’s all tuned and really fun.

Is there any issues with the 2023 SRX I should be watching out for? I am definitely going to be changing out the track. Are the skis and the rear wheel kit decent? Has there been many issues with the power steering. I am buying the sled brand new out of the crate, it will only be coming with the one year factory warranty, over here in Canada I can buy an additional 3 years, but I think it’s just over and extra $3000, is this something I am going to be needing with the additional tech on the SRX (power steering, IQS shocks etc)

These are the things I am planning to do,
- Check clutch alignment and eliminate secondary float
- possibly replace secondary rollers with something better
- eliminate roll over valve
- tack weld chain tensioner bolt
- make sure the upper gear isn’t that sintered one
- install barn of parts drive shaft saver
- install new track and tunnel protectors
- install barn of parts coolant hose protectors
- install clutch guard
- install belly pan protector
- not sure what I will do about skis, carbides or clutch kit.

I’m sure there’s a few things I'm forgetting.
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Thanks I will have to check that thread out, never really heard of about the MOD but haven’t ran into the fuel shortage, yet…
Is the rear axle on the 2023 decent? On my 17 I installed a 4th wheel kit but noticed this 23 SRX has the 3 wheels in the back.
Back to your original question, I would also recommend the no-freeze relays.

The rear axle is decent and an improvement over the tri-hub. I did keep mine stock last year, but purchased the stealth kit from J&T which I will install for this season.

Per Todd:
We offer the 8.2” Stealth wheel kit for your model. Comes with 4 heavy duty Avid wheels with larger bearings and 5 aluminum spacers and you can reuse on your stock axle for this kit. We recommend to change out the bearings until 10,000 miles.