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Sep 24, 2018 at 9:32 PM
Sep 25, 2005
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Jan 25, 1984 (Age: 34)
Lebanon, PA 17042

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Vendor, Male, 34, from Lebanon, PA 17042

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Viewing portal index, Sep 24, 2018 at 9:32 PM
    1. Mills
      Do you have any skis with loops from a 2014 Viper? I love these skis on my Viper and am thinking of putting them on my Nytro with the same 9" Studboy carbide I have on the Viper.
    2. kopenytro
      Looking for rear suspension pieces for a 2015 SR Viper XTX.
      Rails, rear wheel assembly, Rear upper arm, shock, etc.
    3. munskindaddy
      Could you call me real quick, have a ecu question on the apex, thanks, Darrell
    4. Sidewinder Slayer
      Sidewinder Slayer
      Hey I tryed calling u today about buying ur belt blowing protection piece, Kevin from Winnipeg, going on a trip tmrw so want to order cause won't have phone access can u email me at Kevinkovac@hotmail.com or phone me tonight 204 793-5586 thanks
    5. Michigandir
      What's your website to see your skidplate. Does it come in different colors?
    6. Deeppow16
      Hi there! I was looking around on the barn or parts website yesterday and noticed you make a steering relocate for the nitro. I was wondering what gauge material you use for the plates and shim. Thanks!
    7. gouldsjett1
      Would you have a complete wire harness for an apex 2010 and down? I have the 06 apex harness issues. How much shipped to 04287 in Maine. Thanks Chris
    8. Ethan_Messinger
      Interested in that wrp seat for the nytro!
    9. Donald E Wiitala
      Donald E Wiitala
      Also need a part called Bolt,engine adjusting. Part of the engine mount. A threaded insert adjustable i guess, then bolt goes through it with nut on end...rx1 03
    10. Donald E Wiitala
      Donald E Wiitala
      Wrp seat you mentioned
    11. Donald E Wiitala
      Donald E Wiitala
      Hello, Don from R.I. I hqve an 03 RX1 amd would lile to get a taller better seat. You mentioned in an earlier post you have them ready to install no mods. Box. 401 374 3643
    12. yam429
      Do you have any rails for an XTX? I just emailed barn of parts today.
    13. sleddog33
      Hi, Just rolled my 08 Apex LTX GT this week and need a few parts. Handlebars gauge/headlight pod w/o speedo, And right exhaust cover ring.
      Thanks, Sleddog
    14. Gravedigger
      Can you txt me your number? Would like to talk to you about other parts i need? Thanks Brian 616 -836-5856
    15. Turbo 998
      Turbo 998
      I just ordered a skid plate for my sidewinder from your website and am wondering if you have it in red in stock? I wanted to leave this message when I Ordered it but there's no place to comment on order page. I saw your skid plate on DranttelSS snowmobile and it looks awesome. My Oder is from Scot Peterson and be contacted at 507-720-2049. Thanks Turbo 998
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    Jan 25, 1984 (Age: 34)
    Lebanon, PA 17042
    2017 sidewinder ltx dx
    2018 snoscoot


    717-821-9639 (Call or Text)
    Used 4 stroke Yamaha Parts
    New Parts From Kimpex & Western Powersports
    In House Designed Products

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