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  • hey mooseman, I have a 2007 venture lite and had all of the notorious gearbox problems. I was wondering if A: you can offer advice on the easiest way to pull the shaft, and B: best place to source used parts. Thanks so much for the great posts. I noticed you're in Greely, I'm up in Calabogie. Is there an email/number I can reach you at thats's easier? I understand if youre not comfortable with that. thanks a million
    Ps. I took your advice and I did post this tonight with a more detailed set of questions. Thanks for all of your help!!
    Mooseman-- How to get the Stator out and replaced? I have A lot done,-EXCEPT how to get the three allen head bolts out on right side and then get the Stator cover off and out? Looking for tips and tricks and you are pretty famous here - Sorry for bugging you-


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      06 Stator pic 1.PNG
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    Hi Mooseman was wondering I saw on a post doo wheel did you mean bombardier and you have more info on install I have a 2008 Apex.
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